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Welcome to Moodle!
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Subtitle one

Your homework, including instructions and deadlines, will be shared to your Moodle.

Shared material courses
Subtitle two

Resources, such as GCSE Textbooks, may be shared through Moodle.

Subtitle three

Login information for tutor-provided services will be posted to your Moodle page.

Subtitle four

Messaging is built straight-into Moodle, allowing you to message 24/7 (response times may vary)

Subtitle five
Feedback on written work will be shared to your Moodle page.
Subtitle six
Your TutorBird calendar will be synced to your Moodle page.


How do I use Moodle?

Have a look at the tutorial video below!

If you're still struggling, get in touch and I'll see what we can do :)

There's a problem with Moodle or an associated service, and I can't do my homework. Help!

Oh no! Please get in touch ASAP, either through Moodle messages, e-mail to, or through What'sApp groups/Microsoft Teams. You are responsible for letting me know ahead of time - I do not accept IT excuses if I am not made aware in advance, with a sole exception for events where Moodle was down. More information on this can be found below.

Is Moodle down/was Moodle down?

Please click the link below to check if Moodle has been down recently.

In line with policy, late homework will be excused on technical grounds if the uptime robot shows Moodle was down on the due day.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

No worries, happens to the best of us! 

If you have an email on file, click sign in, then "Lost Password". The system will then send you a reset link, through which you can set a new Moodle password.

If you don't have an email on file, if you aren't sure what your registered email is, or if the emails aren't coming through, please get in touch with me and I will reset it directly.

Can I use my phone for Moodle?

Absolutely! Please open your browser of choice (Chrome, Safari, Edge) and visit You may need free productivity apps, like Adobe Reader and Microsoft 365, to access all the content.